Ergonomics and design, ordering and using of Machinery

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  • Why do ergonomic requirements still continue to be regarded as optional extras in machinery design?
  • Why in Type C standards the subject of ergonomics is not yet firmly enough established?
  • How could practical experience gained by users be made available to the standards committees systematically?
  • Do buyers make sufficiently clear to their suppliers that they need and want ergonomically well designed machinery?

In our view, there is evidence of a lack of communication between ergonomists, manufacturers, users, authorities and standardization experts.

The primary purpose of this website is, therefore, to provide a platform for discussion on ergonomics issues of machinery design.

Do you agree? If so, what are your expectations from such a platform? Do you consider helpful the information and solutions already present on this site?

Please contribute with your opinion! Use the link above to leave a reply, or the comments field that you can find at the bottom of each page of this Website.

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